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On the evening of March 10th at 7:00pm, West Point Grey United Church is excited to be hosting the Solaris Project's Earth Vespers. Please see below for more information on the event and group.

Earth Vespers: Music for the Living Planet

Earth Vespers is a musical service in celebration of the beauty of Mother Earth, compassion for all who live here, and the interconnectedness of Life.

With folk ballads, saxophone sing-alongs, a cappella anthems and reverential hymns, many genres of music are woven with inspiring readings in this mindful, heart-filled celebration of honour and gratitude for the miracle of Life on Mother Earth.

Whatever our faiths, cultures, nationalities, and ethnicities, all humans share the Earth, our only home. This home and the living beings upon it -- including many human communities and cultures -- are in peril. As citizens of the Earth, we have the opportunity and the responsibility to respond to the condition of our world with love, compassion, understanding, and the deep knowledge that another way is possible and that we can contribute to it.

With the universal language of music, the Earth Vespers program inspires those of all faiths in a common reverence and celebration of the living world of which we are a part. Through the lens of our shared relationship to life on this planet, we can see above and beyond differences in creed and belief, and come together in dedicated service on behalf of all of Life.

West Point Grey United Church - 7:00pm, Sunday March 10th 
Find out more at: http://solarismusic.org/earth

About The Solaris Music Project

The Solaris Music Project is a collaboration of musicians whose aim in performing, recording, and giving away music is to raise the awareness, consciousness, and response-ability of those playing and listening, and thereby enable right action on behalf of all beings everywhere. Solaris has performed at concert halls, communities, and villages across North America, including at the 2015 and 2018 Parliament of the World's Religions, the California State capitol building, and churches, temples, and meditation centers around the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Find out more at: http://solarismusic.org