Valerie Taylor
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For over 15 years, West Point Grey United Church has committed to providing a minimum of 3,000 pairs of new socks to the Footcare Program at First United Mission for the homeless in the Downtown Eastside of  Vancouver.  In 2015, 37 members from WestCa Golf Club talked with the church about how they might become involved in the Sock Project. They explained that, as newcomers to Canada, they wanted to give back to the community that had welcomed them, and particularly to those in need.  They have been involved with the project ever since.  And this year, they were joined by other Chinese golf clubs – Vancouver Sea Hawk Golfers, Vancouver Golden Bear Golf Club and Vancouver Chinese Ladies Golf Club – 70 members together contributing 2,700 pairs of socks. This brought the total amount of socks to 5,100 pairs in three years, to add to those contributed by the church and local West Point Grey community.  These Chinese from four golf clubs have expressed interest in being a part of the ‘Sock Project’ in future years – continuing to help warm the feet and hearts of those in need on the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver.