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Greetings from Our New Minister

Dear Friends at West Point Grey United Church, It was delightful to meet so many members of West Point Grey United Church when the Gustin’s held an open house for me while I was in Vancouver this past month. That gathering, your presence, has sustained me as I have moved through the difficult process of selling my house. It has finally been sold, to my great relief, even though there are conditions to the sale and the closing date is a bit late. Now I am able to plan the move to Vancouver to work with you. I know we planned that my first day of work would be Tuesday, September 4th, 2018, but I have learned that I can’t move that day. The moving company says that because Monday, Sept. 3rd is a holiday no one will work that day. I will need to send my moving containers on Tuesday Sept. 4th and plan to be at the church on the morning of Sept. 5th. I may be able to send my stuff earlier but my rental place is not available until Sept. 4th. I hope you understand this inconvenience. My son, Luke, is coming with me to Vancouver. We will stay at the rental place until I find an apartment or house. Nowadays I am having many farewell occasions and packing my stuff to bring. I look forward to being with you soon. Best regards, Hyuk Cho


The Rev. Dr. Hyuk Cho

Gifts in ministry he brings include contemporary biblical scholarship and interpretation, reflective preaching, meaningful liturgy, compassionate pastoral care and an inclusive welcome of diversity. He has a passion for exploring the mission of the church, care of creation, interfaith dialogue and being an intercultural church.

Hyuk has a B.Th (theology and philosophy), an M.Div. (theology), an MTS (theology) and a Th. D. in constructive theology and missiology from Emmanuel College in the University of Toronto.  He enjoys woodworking, camping and canoeing.

We welcome the Rev. Dr. Cho to the family at West Point Grey United Church and look forward to his ministry among us.