What to expect if you are new and arrive on Sunday morning

  • You are encouraged to dress comfortably - whether for you that means a suit, dress or jeans
  • When you come in the front doors ....  you will be welcomed and encouraged to sign our guest book;  coffee is available for you to help yourself;  copies of the worship bulletin will be available, as will large print versions of the hymns and service, and Chinese and Korean translations of the scriptures for the day.  Copies of the sermon and the bulletin translated into Chinese are also available most Sundays.  If you have questions, please feel free to ask the greeters.  If you are looking for a washroom, please go through the door at the front nearest the piano, and down the hall.
  • In the sanctuary (main part of the church) .... you may sit wherever you would like;  you may chat with others around you, or sit quietly 
  • Families with children .... the left side of the church at the front (west transept) has tables with activities and colouring sheets for children.  The children usually stay in the sanctuary for the opening part of worship, and then leave with Debra, who teaches the children's programme.  Children are invited to help with ringing the church bell just before church starts;  and by bringing in a candle at the beginning of worship.  On Sundays when Communion is celebrated, children and youth are welcome to participate.  Lauren Brown is the Co-Ordinator of Children, Youth and Family Ministry, and she would be happy to answer any questions and make you feel at home.  For families with infants, the women's washroom is equipped with a changing table.  The vestry (room off family area at front) is also available during the service if small children need some quiet time or for breastfeeding.  There is also a washroom located in this room.
  • The worship service ... begins at 10:30 am and lasts approximately 1 hour.  The liturgy and words to the hymns are projected on a screen at the front of the church and Chinese translations of the worship titles are given.  If you read music, you may prefer to use the hymnbooks in the pews:  Voices United (hardcover) and More Voices (softcover).  The choir helps lead the congregation in singing, and occasionally does a special anthem.  We also frequently host guest soloists and instrumentalists.  Communion is celebrated on the First Sunday of each month, and everyone is welcome to participate.  The only prerequisite is an open heart. Occasionally we celebrate in the sacrament of Baptism for children or adults.  
  • After worship ....  you are invited to the church hall or gym for refreshments and conversation.  On the second Sunday of each month, we share lunch together (provided).