Extreme Hunger Appeal - Africa

Extreme Hunger Appeal - Africa

The United Church of Canada is launching an Extreme Hunger Appeal as the humanitarian crisis in Kenya, Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, and Yemen reaches grave levels.

Starvation and extreme hunger are rapidly reaching a scale the world has not seen before in Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, and Yemen. There is also extreme hunger, malnutrition, and starvation in Kenya. Vulnerable people are most impacted, including children.

Small-scale farmers supply the majority of food in Africa. But climate change has created a devastating and prolonged drought, resulting in both water and food shortages. Farmers are unable to grow crops and their livestock have died. Ongoing conflict is also contributing to the crisis as many families are forced to flee their homes, farms, and livelihoods.

The people of Nigeria, South Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, and Kenya urgently need your help. All donations raised for this appeal will go to our long-term Mission & Service partners, including ACT Alliance, which is saving lives in the region.

You can give by making a donation through this website - see 'Giving' in the menu, and designating where the money is to go.  Or you can donate directly through the United Church of Canada website.

Thank you for your generosity as we respond in love to our global neighbours out of the abundance that is ours in Canada



Life giving and loving God,

We bring to you our love, our concern and our prayers for the millions of people facing hunger and starvation in the region around the Horn of Africa.

We remember particularly those in South Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, Kenya, and Yemen facing the combined forces of drought, violence and climate change.

We confess that our failure to care for creation continues to cause pain and suffering beyond imagining;

The world’s indifference and inability to address hatred, conflict and oppression threatens the well-being of millions.

We mourn that in many parts of Africa
  lush lands are becoming barren;
  water is becoming scarce;
  people are displaced from their homes
  and people are in hunger. 

We lament that hunger and starvation is the world’s failure to give priority to the well-being of all people.    

We pray that we remain aware during this unfolding tragedy. 
  that wisdom be our support and;
  compassion and love our purpose. 

We pray that we will not ignore those in need but hold out our hands in love, friendship and support. 

We give thanks to our Mission & Service partners, including ACT Alliance working in this region to address hunger each and every day. 

And we give thanks for the work of the United Nations World Food Programme and the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, which provides sustenance to people and communities in Africa facing extreme hunger.

Creator, help us to remember that our actions, no matter the size, matter. That each response is an answer to your call to care for those in need. 

May our prayers and deeds bring about abundant life for all.